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Skills For Life


‘Skills for Life’ is at the heart of all we do within the Skills For Life Trust both within the curriculum and in extracurricular activities.

We understand the need and importance of connecting education with the business world which will ensure our young people  develop the personal and business skills that will fully equip them for the world of work or further education.

We want all our students to have the essential skills for their future whatever they decide to do;
•     Confident and equipped with soft skills
•     Equipped with life skills so they can be independent
•     Understand their role in the community and wider society
•     Primary children to be fully equipped and ready to get the best out of their secondary education
•     Secondary students to be the first choice for employers
•     To be aware of the world and different cultures
•     Have a good knowledge of the workplace and how to behave

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We started our Skills for Life programme to help to achieve our mission by embedding the values and principles within the curriculum and daily lessons.

Skills for Life Team – the vision and values are shared by all stakeholders. Our academies are parts of the same team.

Skills for Life Support – we all work together to enable targeted improvement when needed. Giving and receiving is expected of all. We all benefit from wider professional expertise and greater access to career development.

Skills for Life Consistency – we agree to do things in a certain way via a process of co-creation and review.

Skills for Life Standard – all academies are at least good or striving to be.

Respect – Reply to ALL communications in a timely manner (telephone/talk in person where possible). The importance of professional dialogue linked to appropriate venue. NO blind copying. NO copying in senior staff for effect. Try to avoid ‘reply all’.

Manners – Similar to respect. Adults ideally must model this. Look at people as they pass you. If you have asked for something in an email, reply to say ‘thank you’.

Listening – Really listen to what the other person is saying. Be prepared to alter/adapt your response in reply.

Motivation – Praise where you see something go well. Recognise when somebody does something well. Be aware and open to opportunities when they arise. Be aware that different people are   motivated by different things. Be aware too that people like to feel valued and feel invested in.

Cooperation – Working together both within school and more widely across the Trust. Listen to different ideas.

Excellence – For pupils and adults – to be the best you can be. The potential progress which could be made by the pupils must not be compromised by adult barriers.

Independence – Empowering staff to make decisions. No blame attached if by so doing, mistakes occur.

Enjoyment – Being mindful of staff wellbeing. Staff and pupils wanting to produce the best they can. Organise and attend social events.

Organised – No last minute to the best of your ability. Email cut off is 9pm. Senior Leaders won’t send emails after 7pm. There is no expectation that you will work after 6pm or at weekends. Part timers – there is no expectation that you will work on your day(s) off.

Our strategy is an integral part of all three schools, equipping our students with the vital skills they need for secondary school and adult life.  We believe that every student can reach their potential and our caring and dedicated staff will allow them to achieve this.
Students should become valuable and fully rounded member of society who treat others with respect and tolerance, regardless of background.

We have recently introduced The Skills for Life Passport of experiences into our three primary schools. This passport will accompany pupils through their time at Primary school allowing them the opportunity to complete activities, which bring to life all aspects of the RECIPE acronym. This will go with them as a record of achievement when they move into the world of secondary education. Taking with them skills they use for the rest of the educational journey and into the world of work.

Our Primary School values are shown in our RECIPE acronym:


Our Secondary School values are shown in our EMPLOY ME acronym:

These values are based on promoting positive behaviour for learning, which will establish in our students, the skills that are imperative to function capably in life.

Our RECIPE/EMPLOY ME acronyms are displayed at the front of each classroom.  A different word from the RECIPE/EMPLOY ME is incorporated into the weekly lesson planning and is then referred to by our teaching staff, linking it to the work the students are doing.

We have appointed ‘Learning Ambassador’ who will represent their class when visitors enter.  The chosen Ambassador will greet the visitor(s), introduce themselves, explain what they are learning, share their books and explain our Skills for Life and RECIPE/EMPLOY ME values.

Our Skills for Life and RECIPE/EMPLOY ME values are displayed throughout our schools.

‘We are so proud of our Trust and what it has to offer and want our students to be fully informed, prepared, confident and most of all, excited about their future!’

Sam Presneill
Skills for Life Manager


The ‘Skills for Life’ vision

From September 2014, in order to achieve the ‘Skills for Life’ vision, the following has been put in place:

  • Senior and middle leaders in all academies have agreed specific ‘soft’ skills, qualities and knowledge to be written into the academy curriculum
  • Regular careers assemblies in all academies including the legal profession, catering, the fire service, NHS, veterinary profession, teaching and many more
  • Careers assemblies stressing the importance of English and Maths
  • To have extra curricular clubs running such as gardening and cookery. These are to encourage life skills
  • As finances allow, to extend the DT department to include qualifications such as electrician, motor mechanics, engineering, plumbing, carpentry bricklaying and plastering

Clearly the students must prosper academically but we believe that if their interest is taken by any one part of the ‘Skills for Life’ strategy, then they will have aims and ambitions which will significantly bolster their commitment to achieving school based qualifications.A high performing specialist academy with sports College and raising achivement status.