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Skills for Life

Skills for Life Pupil Survey Results

We completed a full a full student survey and the results were:

· 100% know what is meant by EMPLOY ME!!!! (November 2020)
· 98.5% know how Skills for Life prepares them for the future!!! (We are aiming for 100% this year)
· Regular positive feedback from employers.
· Regular contact from employers about opportunities for our boys.


Greenacre Academy:
· Higher Education – 28.3%
· Apprenticeships – 41.5%
· Employment – 30.2%
· NEETs – 0%

Our mission statement is:
To prepare our young pupils to be the adults that they are to become, by encouraging them to reach their full potential academically through high quality teaching of a curriculum including life skills.

Additionally, to introduce all pupils to a wide range of potential careers and mentors from the business world both locally and regionally so that they are fully prepared for the world of work when that time arrives.

We want all our students to have the essential skills for their future whatever they decide to do;

· Confident and equipped with soft skills

· Equipped with life skills so they can be independent

· Understand their role in the community and wider society

· Secondary students to be the first choice for employers

· To be aware of the world and different cultures

· Have a good knowledge of the workplace and how to behave

We are passionate about inspiring our students to be the best they can be and to ‘reach for the stars’ in their future career choice. It is our aim to provide them with the best careers advice they deserve and need. This is delivered in many ways;

· Business mentors are allocated to help with workplace skills, CV’s and job interviews.

· Work experience in both year 10 and 12 organised within a chosen industry.

· Careers guidance offered in year 11 and sixth form.

· Careers workshops in years 9 and 10.

· Our Design and Technology Department which offers industry qualifications in a variety of trades.

· Courses on Sales and Customer Service

· Regular Skills for Life/Career Assemblies are held by a variety of individuals, businesses and organisations to widen the students’ knowledge of the outside world and to give them an insight into the many different jobs that are available.

· Regular events held with local universities.

· External competitions e.g. Solutions for the Planet, Future voices.

· STEM days and activities.

· Interview days e.g. Lloyds, BAE Systems and Department for Work and Pensions.

· Community work – The HUB and Walderslade Social Club.

· Attending apprenticeship and UCAS events.


We started our Skills for Life programme to help to achieve our mission by embedding the values within the curriculum and daily lessons and we believe we are well on our way to making this happen.

Our strategy is an integral part of our school, equipping students with the vital skills they need for secondary school and adult life. We believe that every student can reach their potential and our caring and dedicated staff will allow them to achieve this.

Students should become valuable and fully rounded member of society who treat others with respect and tolerance, regardless of background.

Our Skills for Life vision is woven through the curriculum in all subjects and our EMPLOY ME acronym is referred to constantly during the day, reminding the students of what this means to them:

Employ me


These values are based on promoting positive behaviour for learning, which will establish in our students, the skills that are imperative to function capably in life.

Our EMPLOY ME acronym is displayed at the front of each classroom. A different word from the EMPLOY ME is incorporated into the daily lesson planning and is then referred to by our teaching staff, linking it to the work the students are doing. We reward our students house points based on their success under each of the EMPLOY ME skills to further embed this.

All years and classes will have an appointed ‘Skills for Life’ Ambassador who will represent their class when visitors enter. The chosen Ambassador will greet the visitor(s), introduce themselves, explain what they are learning, share their work and explain our Skills for Life and EMPLOY ME values.

We have high expectations of all members of Greenacre Academy and will be rigorous in offering each one significant opportunity in partnership with the local and wider business community so that their unique talent can be recognised and progressed.

Should you require any further information on Skills for Life or careers please do contact:

Mrs K Pamphlett – Careers Leader and Greenacre Academy Skills for Life Lead -cobbk020@sflt.org.uk



“Skills for Life is more than just a name or slogan. It’s a way of life for our young people and staff. The focus on developing the “softer skills” within students, preparing them for their next steps in life is at the forefront of our practice.”

Marek Campbell
Skills for Life Manager