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Skills for Life

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Our mission statement is:

At Warren Wood Primary Academy, we believe that the education we provide to our children will contribute to their confidence, competence and motivation which is essential for them to achieve, participate in further education and to be successful in life and at work.

We are part of the Skills For Life Trust and share the belief that education is not for children but for the adults they will become. We follow the Trust’s Skills for Life Programme which encourages young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

The Trust are so committed to the Skills for Life mission that they have invested in a Skills for Life Manager who will ensure this is driven forward and embedded in to daily school life.

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‘Skills for Life’ is at the heart of all we do within Warren Wood Primary Academy both within the curriculum and in extracurricular activities.

We encourage our children to reach their full potential both in their academic and personal progress  throughout their time at school.

We want all our children to have the essential skills for their future whatever they decide to do;

•     Confident and equipped with soft skills
•     Equipped with life skills so they can be independent
•     Understand their role in the community and wider society
•     Fully equipped and ready to get the best out of their secondary education
•    To be aware of the world and different cultures
•     Have a good knowledge of the workplace and how to behave

Regular Skills for Life/Career Assemblies are held by a variety of individuals, businesses and organisations to widen the childrens’ knowledge of the outside world and to give them an insight into the many different jobs that are available.

Other Skills for Life assemblies held:
•    Fire service
•    Kent Search Dogs
•    Nutritionist
•    Razzamataz Theatre School
•    Police Community Support Officer
•    Lawyer
•    Tax Inspector
•    Vet
•    Cats Protection

We started our Skills for Life programme to help to achieve our mission by embedding the values within the curriculum and daily lessons.

Our strategy is an integral part of our school, equipping children with the vital skills they need for secondary school and adult life.  We believe that every child can reach their potential and our caring and dedicated staff will allow them to achieve this.

Children should become valuable and fully rounded members of society who treat others with respect and tolerance, regardless of background.

Our Skills for Life values are woven through the curriculum in all lessons and our RECIPE acronym is referred to constantly during the day, reminding the children of what this means to them:

These values are based on promoting positive behaviour for learning, which will establish in our children, the skills that are imperative to function capably in life.

Our RECIPE acronym is displayed at the front of each classroom.  A different word from the RECIPE  is incorporated into the weekly lesson planning and is then referred to by our teaching staff, linking it to the work the children are doing.

Selected years and classes will have an appointed ‘Learning Ambassador’ who will represent their class when visitors enter.  The chosen  Ambassador will greet the visitor(s), introduce themselves, explain what they are learning, share their books and explain our Skills for Life and RECIPE values.

Our Skills for Life and RECIPE values are displayed throughout the school.

We have high expectations of all members of the Skills For Life Trust and will be rigorous in offering each one significant opportunity in partnership with the local and wider business community so that their unique talent can be recognised and progressed.

Skills for Life Passport

As part of your Son, Daughter or Wards journey through our primary school they will be given a passport of activities upon joining in Reception, this will follow them through to year 6 when they will be awarded their passport. Fully stamped, lots of wonderful memories of new skills acquired or experiences shared.

The Passport has been created to allow our pupils to develop their soft skills and also learn some valuable life skills, which help to prepare them for the next steps after primary school. Many of the activities will be completed in school alongside their academic learning, or during the social times in the day, as there are some fun activities which they can complete with friends.

We know as Parents and Carers how you like to be involved in your child’s learning so we have included an electronic passport for you to be able to look at, and if you are able to complete any of the activities as a family then send in a picture to your child’s teacher and they can get a stamp in their passport.

As I mentioned at the start the passport really is part of the primary journey, it underpins our Skills for Life ethos and Values, teaches and develops our younger pupils soft skills, enables them to learn valuable life skills and for them to be involved in some fun activities too.

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“Skills for Life is more than just a name or slogan. It’s a way of life for our young people and staff. The focus on developing the “softer skills” within students, preparing them for their next steps in life is at the forefront of our practice.”

Marek Campbell
Skills for Life Manager