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Careers Lead
Mrs K Pamphlett

Mentoring Co-ordinator
Mrs C Williams

MEBP and WGS Mentoring Programme

The aims and objectives of the mentoring programme are to sustain and develop mentoring schemes within the school as a means of raising achievement and self esteem amongst as many pupils as possible who would benefit. Adult mentors are found, trained and police checked for programmes by Medway Education Business Partnership (MEBP). Pupils are selected by heads of year and form tutors when a mentor becomes available or a new mentor joins the school.

Permission is gained from parents before any mentoring commences and basic general information regarding both the student and the mentor is exchanged. The relationships are confidential unless the mentor feels that the student is at risk in any way. Meetings take place once a fortnight for approximately 30-40 minutes. This means that the student has to have time out of her lessons. A slip is passed to the student on the morning of the meeting. The student should show the slip to the teacher if they have to leave or return to a lesson.

A diary is kept in the office so that the mentor and mentee can make their own arrangements for their next appointment. Mentors are asked to make sure that they do not come into school at the same time every session. They are also given a copy of the student’s timetable, so that they can make sure that the student does not always come out of the same subject. Like most people, mentors like to know that they are making a difference and appreciate feedback from parents, carers, mentees and teaching staff.