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Mr Robinson

Charity Fundraisers

Jebb prides itself on helping others and so we aim to run one charity event per term to raise money for our chosen charity, Save the Children. These will be run by form groups in the following order:

Term 2 – 11J – Congratulations and well done to 11J for a successful cake sale raising a grand total of £42.07.

Term 3 – 10J – A huge well done to members of 10J who held a homemade savoury bake sale and raised £25.75!

Term 4 – 9J – A very successful Balloon Bash saw 9J raising £37.80! Well done to all!

Term 5 – 8J

Term 6 – 7J

Each form will decide how they wish to raise money and will be responsible, with the help of their form tutor, for the running of the event.

So far this year …

Congratulations to all girls involved in activities and events so far this year! Jebb results are as follows:

– Cross country – Years 7 and 8 came fifth, Years 9 and 10 came sixth

– Christmas decoration competition winners – 7J Lily Withers, 8J Rhianna Noble

– Interhouse basketball – Year 9 came fifth

– Positive points prize winners – 7J Darcie Barnwell, 8J Jessica Odell, 9J Sophie Kilbourne, 10J Jade Hunt, 11J Zara Bloor, 6J Gemma Xiouris

Well done to all!

Keep up the good work!

Miss Stow

Eglantyne Jebb

Jebb House is named after the great philanthropist Eglantyne Jebb (1876 – 1928). She is famous for founding the international children’s charity Save the Children. Eglantyne grew up in a wealthy English family in the West Midlands area. Although her family were well off they had a strong social conscience and they cared about how other people, especially the poor, lived their everyday lives.

Eglantyne Jebb originally worked as a school teacher and, although she eventually decided that teaching wasn’t the vocation for her, her experience did spark her interest in caring for children. Eglantyne’s life was affected by World War I but after the war ended she and others started raising money in England for children in Europe who were affected by the repercussions of the war. That charitable fundraising developed into the global children’s charity known today as Save the Children. Eglantyne Jebb was a woman who passionately cared about children – children about whom it was not fashionable to care at the time. She dedicated her life to trying to improve other people’s lives.

Our Chosen Charity

Our chosen charity is Save the Children. Jebb House aims to promote charitable giving in our school and aims to give all of our Jebb House girls an even deeper sense of community and belonging. They are not just Walderslade Girls … they are Jebb Girls.
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