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Faculty of Performing Arts

Head of Faculty
Mrs C Ferguson

Head of Drama Department
Mrs C Ferguson


Years 7, 8 and 9

Drama is a very popular subject which equips our girls with the important life skills that they will need for future success and prosperity.

Our drama lessons are a balance between teaching our students performing techniques and skills and between allowing them to explore their understanding of themselves, other people and the world around them through drama and role play.

Drama is all about listening, learning, watching, moving, making, performing, discussing and having fun!

Topics Covered in Drama in Years 7, 8 and 9:

Year 7:

  • Key Drama Skills
  • Performing Characters
  • Bullying
  • Drama Techniques
  • Stimulus
  • On the Streets (Runaways)

Year 8:

  • Ghost Stories
  • Silent Mime and Music
  • Freeze Frames
  • Sound Effects
  • Sparkleshark (script work)

Year 9:

  • Families (teenage issues)
  • Working from a Stimulus
  • Types of Staging
  • Brecht (basic Epic Theatre)
  • The Exam (script work)

Years 10 and 11 (chosen option course)

The Level 1/2 Technical Award in Performing Arts offers learners a multi-discipline qualification with the opportunity to perform, learn production skills and discover more about careers in the performing arts sector. The course contains the best elements from GCSE Performing Arts & Expressive Arts in order to offer a broader, more contemporary range of performance and production options. Through practical, project-based learning, learners will develop a variety of transferable skills including self-appraisal, teamwork and problem solving. This is a course which is fun, accessible, challenging and engaging. Students will learn and develop important skills relating to vocal/physical performing, working/creating in groups, leadership, using theatrical techniques, working from stimuli, theatrical performance, directing, developing ideas, analysing theatrical works (written and on stage) and time management.

Modules covered:

  • Unit 1 – Unlocking Creativity
  • Unit 2 – Production and Performance
  • Unit 3 – Performing Arts Experience

Studying this course will adequately prepare learners for our Level 3 Performing Arts BTEC Sixth Form course.

Years 12 and 13 BTEC Level 3 – Performing Arts (chosen option course)

Our Sixth Form offers Post 16 students the opportunity to study Performing Arts, learning how to develop their drama, movement, dance, music and singing skills and how to incorporate them together to create engaging, dynamic and professional performance work. The course we offer is a two-year BTEC course (Level 3) which is equal to a single A Level in Performing Arts. This course is taught by a vibrant team of teachers, with specialist knowledge and skills in drama, dance, theatre and music. This course requires a lot of commitment but is loads of fun and is really rewarding.