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Skills For Life


Connecting everyday teaching and learning to essential vocational skills

At Walderslade Girls’ School we understand the need and importance of connecting education with the business world which will ensure our students develop the personal and business skills that will fully equip them for the world of work or further education.

We want all of our students to have the essential skills for their future whatever they decide to do:

  • Confident and equipped with soft skills
  • Equipped with life skills so they can be independent
  • Understand their role in the community and wider society
  • To be aware of the world and different cultures
  • To have a good knowledge of the workplace and how to behave


Skills for Life is about equipping students with the vital skills that they need for secondary school and adult life. Students should become valuable and fully rounded members of society who treat others with respect and tolerance, regardless of background.

Skills for Life contains within it the EMPLOY ME acronym. It is referred to during lessons to remind the students which vocational skills they are utilising and developing.




Our EMPLOY ME acronym is displayed in every classroom. A different word from EMPLOY ME is incorporated into each lesson and is referred to by our teaching staff, linking it to the work the students are doing.

Going forward there will be regular Skills for Life Assemblies being held at Walderslade Girls’ School by a variety of individuals, speakers, businesses and organisations to widen the students’ knowledge of the outside world and to give them an additional insight into the many different jobs that are available to them in the future.


 Careers Assemblies – Term 4

As a student of Walderslade girls’ school, being part of the Skills for Life Trust, your daughter can expect to attend regular careers assemblies.

This begins from joining our school in Year 7 right through her time with us. We have guest speakers from many different sectors and organisations come in and talk to our students. They share with our students an insight into their organisation, what opportunities are available to our students, qualifications needed for the various roles along with the different levels of entry. This could be apprenticeship, A ‘level entry to graduate entry. Our students are encouraged to ask our speakers questions about the information they have heard or about more information on the speakers’ career path. We encourage our speakers to share with our students the highs and the lows so they have a realistic view of the world of work.

This is also an opportunity for both secondary schools within our trust to come together to attend an event. We use both Walderslade and Greenacre site for our assemblies, this enables our speakers to reach and inspire a wider audience along with collaborative working between both schools.

During the pandemic, we have still continued to provide our students with this fantastic opportunity. Like many schools we have been using Microsoft Teams and it has been a real success.


“Skills for Life is more than just a name or slogan. It’s a way of life for our young people and staff. The focus on developing the “softer skills” within students, preparing them for their next steps in life is at the forefront of our practice.”

Marek Campbell – Skills for Life Manager