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Personal Property



In the interests of health, safety and security, each pupil must have a locker in which to keep her personal belongings including all coats and jackets. Lockers are allocated at the start of the school year. A nominal non-returnable fee is charged. We have made a considerable investment of money in making lockers available for every pupil and each girl must keep her personal possessions including coats and scarves in that locker. Access to lockers at appropriate times is allowed and supervised.

Personal Property

Each pupil is responsible for her own property.

Essential money must be kept by the pupil in her skirt’s zipped pocket. No valuable property should be left in a bag or classroom or changing room. No MP3 players, radios or other items of electrical equipment should be brought into school.

Aerosol sprays are not permitted as they may cause allergies in other pupils.

If any item is confiscated by a member of staff, it is labelled with the pupil’s name and date of confiscation, then placed in the school safe. The item is returned at the discretion of the relevant Head of Year or when collected by a parent.

Mobile Phones

Students are permitted to bring a mobile phone to school for safety and security on their journey to and from school. However, the phone must be switched off at all times and kept in the student’s bag whilst on school premises.  It should not be used or taken out at any time during the school day. The school will not take responsibility for mobiles phones and staff will not spend any time investigating their loss. Staff will confiscate mobile phones if they cause any disruption to learning. If a member of staff sees a student with a phone they will issue one single warning before confiscation.

Lost property

Any item that is mislaid can easily be returned, when found, if it is labelled with the owner’s name. It is, therefore, very important that all items of school clothing and other personal items are clearly labelled. Enquiries about lost property should be made at the School Office.

Medway Council and the School do not accept any liability for the loss of, or damage to, items of personal property.

It would be wise for parents to check that their household insurance policy covers loss or damage to property outside the home. It would also be wise for parents to make sure that their daughter does not wear expensive items of clothing or bring large amounts of money or valuable jewellery to School.