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The Team

We have a diverse team working on Primary Outreach, all with their own talents and skills.  We would love to collaborate with all of the local primary schools and are really keen to hear from you.

Dr J HarrisonDr Harrison
Assistant Headteacher

My role is to coordinate the Primary Outreach programme and find those opportunities where we can collaborate and enrich the experience of the students at WGS and the local primaries and of course the wider community.

Mrs Simm
Associate Assistant Headteacher

I have the responsibility for overseeing Years7&8. In this role, I assist Dr Harrison, as KS3 Manager, with the transition process from primary to secondary alongside my other roles as Deputy Safeguarding, Lead and mathematics teacher.

Mrs Bell
Acting Head of Year 7

I am the Acting Head of Year 7 and I teach both English and PE at WGS. As part of the Primary Outreach team I develop and support ideas for support, including taking a lead in holiday activity days.

Miss Jackson
Science Teacher

I am a passionate science teacher and enjoy how creative STEM subjects can be. I am really keen to get practical science into primary schools and want to support practical investigations over lockdown. Please have a look in the STEM Stars for my weekly Science Stars try this at home experiment sheet.

Ms Yssennagger
Visual Arts Teacher

I teach Art and Design and Texiles at WGS. I also have the pleasure of outreaching to Primary schools, planning and delivering exciting Art, design and textiles projects for all years. From cave drawings to Egyptian ceramic Pots, to large scale collaborative textile pieces.

Mrs Telfer
Dance Teacher

I am a dance and drama teacher at and have taught at WGS for many years. I now focus mainly on teaching dance and drama to Key Stage 3 students. I enjoy running extra curricular clubs for dance, and also assisting with choreography and rehearsals for our school performances.

I have been involved in primary outreach work for several years now. When working with these schools I teach sessions in dance and drama, and also write and produce productions for the primary school children.

Miss Jackson
PE Teacher and Associate Head of Year 10

I support sporting events at primary schools and am keen to promote physical activity and the participation in sporting events to girls. I would love to help support PE and am eager to get WGS students involved at the primary schools as sports ambassadors.

Mrs Pegg
History Teacher

My role within primary outreach is to provide relevant and inspiring resources for young minds to enjoy. By investigating the past, they will develop knowledge and understanding in order to appreciate themselves and the society into which they are growing.