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Manager of Specialism, Enrichment and Promotion
Mr O Robinson

Arts and Promotion Administrator
Mrs H Pell


Our unique, warm and supportive community is a precious part of our school and something that visitors notice as soon as they step through the doors of reception. As a small school our community is close-knit, cooperative and helpful, with all staff knowing each other and knowing all of the girls as individuals.
Many of our community events, held throughout the school year, allow our girls opportunities to showcase their own unique skills and talents and to share their dreams, ambitions and aspirations for the future with their peers, teachers, friends and families.

However our diverse and warm school community would not be as rich without the engagement and support we regularly receive from our local Walderslade community. Our school prides itself on engaging with and working with all of the primary schools across Medway. We at WGS believe that by working together, we can enhance the school experience not only of our girls but of the primary school students across the county.

Our school hosts numerous community events every year. Many of these community events also allow local families to come into our school and engage in their daughters’ education and in the life of the school.

Our school community is friendly, inclusive and understanding, and is built upon a foundation of traditional values, good manners, discipline and respect. It is often referred to by staff and students as the Walderslade Family.

We at WGS are proud to serve the community of Medway and to offer a high quality and holistic education.