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Year 11

Head of Year 11
Mrs L Devaney




Thursday 20th August
GCSE Results Day
Year 11 Information Evening 2019

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Some of last year’s Year 11 students reflected on their mock examinations; here are some of their thoughts:

‘Walking into the first exam was intimidating and made me very nervous. During the first exam I realised just how much revision I had to do.’

‘So what have we learnt since the mocks? Well I think that would be that we need to plan our revision, not try and revise everything the night before.’

‘We have also made 100% progress because we can now see what we need to do and where we made our mistakes.  The mocks felt very stressful and it was hard to manage everything, but since we have had them back it has been very useful because we can see exactly what the exam board wants for each question.’


90% attendance = 4 weeks absent from school

85% attendance = 5½ weeks absent from school

80% attendance = 7½ weeks absent from school

In terms of GCSE performance, students with less than 88% attendance (23 or more days absent over the year) only have 26.7% chance of gaining 5 A* – C grades.