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Higher Attaining Students: 7UP Club


Higher Attainment at Walderslade Girls’ School

The Department of Education categorises students as low, middle and high attainers based on their prior attainment at Key Stage 2, in primary school. Your daughter would have sat examination papers in Year 6 at school and the results of these would have been reported as a scaled score to Walderslade Girls’ School. This score determines not only the prior attainment of your daughter, but is also used to predict her future outcome at GCSE in Key Stage 4. As a school, we use this data to define your child’s attainment and plan for her future academic performance.

At Walderslade Girls’ School we are committed to ensuring that students who arrive from primary school defined as higher attaining remain on their academic pathway and strive to not only secure their expected GCSE grades in Year 11, but work to surpass them. We have worked to develop bespoke curriculum material from Year 7 up into Year 11, which ensures that students are academically challenged and pushed from day one to their final examination. We work closely with these students, including academic mentoring, action planning and full immersion days. During these immersion days your daughter will receive input on building her confidence and managing her stress, exam and revision techniques and will develop her ability to own her learning and plan for her future academic successes. The material provided on these days, is also available on this website for every student to access and use.

Additionally, we also strongly believe that every student should have the opportunity to access the higher attaining curriculum and strive for their absolute academic best, regardless of the label they received before entering into our care. We appreciate that children develop at different rates and that some blossom academically later in their school career. In order to meet this need and ensure that no student is left behind and settling for their second best we have worked to establish the 7UP Club. The aim of this club is to:

  • Develop an ethos of striving for academic excellence across the school communities.
  • Provide opportunities for students to access academic tasks, which stretch and challenge them.
  • Celebrate academic achievement.
  • Support scholarship across the key stages.
  • Identify students who are higher attaining, but are not categorised as such and work to support them.


Every Faculty has provided a 7UP task for the term (6 in total over the year), which have been uploaded to this web page. Your daughter should pick two a term to complete outside of her normal learning time in lessons. When completed, she should give them to her form tutor or subject teacher to receive feedback on and reward. We will also be offering members of the 7UP Club opportunities outside of the classroom to stretch and challenge them academically over the course of the year.

If you have any questions or queries about higher attainment at Walderslade Girls’ School please contact Dr Harrison for a professional discussion.