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Sixth Form Prom

On Friday 6th July, Year 13 signalled the end of their PGW Sixth Form ‘career’ by attending the social event of the year – Sixth Form Prom!
All students who attended spared no expense in making sure they were dressed to impress: three-piece suits, glitzy prom dresses, and daring prints – all students certainly looked the part!
Entertainment was provided by our resident DJ, Mr. Gill, who got all the students up on the dance floor with his mix of retro ‘tunes’ and current, popular music. Staff also partook in a little light dancing – Miss. Murphy leading the way with what students described as, ‘throwing some dangerous shapes.’
Mr. Mallia and Mr. Cross paused the music briefly to announce the winners of the raffle (a prize of a box of shortbread become a much welcomed late night snack), and to also announce the highly anticipated winners of ‘Prom King’ and ‘Prom Queen.’ Much to his delight, Lee Chilton (in a very dapper suit), was crowned Greenacre Academy’s ‘Prom King’!
The evening, wonderfully organised by Mrs. Pyrke, was a huge success. As the clock struck midnight and all students were ushered out of the hotel (for fear their carriages may turn into pumpkins) – each and every one of the students had a big smile on their face.
As mentioned, the prom signalled the end of our Year 13 cohort’s time at PGW Sixth Form – with that in mind, Mr. Mallia and Ms. Wall would like to wish all students the best of luck in their future endeavours. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we hope you enjoy whatever steps you decide to take next. Remember to apply our ‘Skills for Life’ principles to whatever challenges you may face in the future – they will serve you well.