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PGW Induction

On Monday 25th June, through to Thursday 28th June, our September 2018 Year 12 PGW cohort embarked on their Year 12 induction. The Induction period covered a variety of different activities and tasks – it was evident that many of our Skills for Life principles were being put to the test!
Students commenced their induction period by attentively listening to crucial information from Mr. Mallia and Mr. Cross – after a warm welcome, high expectations were reiterated and students had their ‘taster’ timetables distributed to them.
During the induction days, students had the opportunity to indulge in a wide range of exciting lessons, ranging from: Photography to Forensics! On visiting ‘taster’ lessons, it was apparent that all induction students were keenly engaged on the task(s) in-hand and that they were relishing the opportunity to delve into KS5 learning!
Alongside students getting a ‘feel’ for what A Level learning is like, they also had to embrace that daunting time where we mixed the boys and girls together! Students had the opportunity to socialise with their counterparts from our neighbouring school – our usually sociable Greenacre boys seemed a little shy when it came to mixing with the girls (!), but after some encouragement, teams were formed and a fun afternoon of quizzing commenced!
In addition to the engaging lessons and sociable elements of PGW induction, students were also privy to an informative presentation from Mr. Mallia in which he clearly outlined the benefits of UniFrog – a comprehensive programme which supports students in choosing the best Universities and apprenticeships for them, and for teachers to track their progress.
The induction period drew to a close on Thursday 28th June when students had a fun-filled day out at Thorpe Park. Whilst it’s not one of our Skills for Life principles, the students certainly showcased a lot of bravery when they happily leapt on as many of the park’s formidable rollercoasters as they could fit into their day!
With induction now finished, Mr. Mallia and Ms. Wall would like to wish our new Year 12 cohort a restful summer and we look forward to welcoming you in September. On returning to PGW Sixth Form in September, please do arrive with the same great attitude that was demonstrated during induction – you all showed: great listening skills, were highly motivated, well mannered, and demonstrated exceptional communicative skills – we hope to see more of this in September!