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NCS Skills Workshop



On Monday 12th March a mixture of Year 12 and Year 13 students took part in a NCS workshop event which focused on employability and desired skills within the workplace. The event was well received and during the workshop, students engaged in a variety of tasks such as: students engaging in role-play and pretending they were employers (for example the manager of a shop or restaurant, or self-employed business person etc.), each student was required to think of a skill, attribute or quality they would want their potential candidate to have. Students were asked to discuss on table/in group what is meant by ‘employability skills’ and then to come up with their top three employability skills they would look for if they were an employer.

Team work came into play when students were tasked with the fun, but challenging, task of making a paper airplane in pairs, but only one student was allowed to use their left hand and only one student was allowed to use their right hand! This certainly proved to be an entertaining task, but one that certainly helped to solidify teamwork skills!

Finally, students were tasked with thinking about what their dream job roe would be and how to reach that desired destination. Students were required to think and discuss what pathway(s) they make take to reach that destination – for example: from school leaver to Product Design Manager – what jobs could be in-between?

The NCS workshop was certainly a beneficial event that our Sixth Form students took a lot from –our focus on ‘Skills for Life’ was certainly highlighted in this great workshop event and it was apparent our PGW students left the workshop with a stronger understanding of desired skills within the workplace!