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Academy Uniform Info

Hilltop Primary Academy uniform requirements

We are proud of our school uniform and all our children are expected to wear it. We know that the wearing of uniform gives the children a sense of belonging and pride in our school.

For Girls:

Grey skirt or pinafore dress or grey trousers (straight not flared)

White Blouse

Royal Blue Pullover or Cardigan

School Tie

White Socks

Blue, black or grey tights

Summer Dress:

Blue and white check gingham (any style)


No open back shoes. Low heels please.

For Boys:

Grey Trousers

White Shirt

Royal Blue Pullover

School Tie

Grey Socks


For PE:

Blue Shorts

White T-Shirt

Rubber soled plimsolls (trainers are not suitable)

How to Order

Hilltop Ties are unique to the school and are woven specially to our design.  They are available from the school office in either elastic or normal style, price £2.50.

The office also sells small items such as swim hats (£2.50) and water bottles (£2.50).

School Logo

School uniform items with our new colour logo are available to order online via our partnership with Tesco. Click link below for full details and prices.

Tesco Embroidered Uniforms

Do you hate sewing labels and ironing name tapes into school uniform?

We have come up with a great new option called Stamptastic!  A nifty little ink pad and personalised name stamp.  It’s the fastest way to name your child’s belongings.

The ink withholds 50 laundry washes on most fabrics without fading. The ink pad provides over 2000 impressions making the cost per use much cheaper than sew in and iron on labels. The ink pad itself will last at least 2-3 years if you look after it according to instructions.  Visit the Stamptastic website by clicking this link to order your personalised stamp.

Our school has a unique code which can be obtained from the school office and as long as it is entered when someone orders then our school will receive cash back. The code is not limited to parents at our school; it can be shared with friends (by word of mouth, email or on your Facebook page), family and colleagues.

So the more you spread the word the more money our school will receive.