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1:1 Lesson Support for Teachers


The 1:1 lesson support for teachers allows experienced PE teachers to work alongside primary staff to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the PE curriculum and how to assess in PE. The 1:1 support is not evasive and allows teachers to develop new skills and acquire new ideas to enrich their current practice. The training is to upskill teachers to make an impact on the pupils experience of PE and sustain a high quality of teaching in PE, school sport and physical activity. The 1:1 lesson support programme is very structured and teachers can expect weekly feedback and advice to help them progress. At the end of the term, the PE coordinator and the headteacher receives a full report of the support, which Ofsted have been very supportive of, in several primary schools across Medway. Included with this package, is a PE, Sport and Physical Activity Challenge booklet for every pupil from the class, this is to encourage pupils to be active outside of school and support them to participate in at least 60 mins of activity per day.