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Greenacre Academy – Curriculum Aims

Greenacre Academy aims to deliver a curriculum that enables all students to enjoy and study a broad and balanced range of subjects and topics, that are both challenging and inspiring. It will give students the opportunity to make progress and be educationally mobile for them to succeed, academically and culturally, beyond secondary school. We aim for our curriculum to be:

Knowledge-rich – Specific and sequenced information imparted to students.
Sustainable – Students are able to retain and maintain knowledge over time.
Aspirational – inspiring students to move beyond the norm.

The Skills for Life mission statement is also at the centre of everything we do in our aim to deliver a curriculum which builds maturity and independence in our students, enabling them to take up suitable and satisfying occupations and activities, leading to them making a positive contribution to the community. We aim to prepare our young pupils to be the adults that they are to become, by encouraging them to reach their full potential academically through high quality teaching of a curriculum including life skills. Additionally, we aim to introduce all pupils to a wide range of potential careers and mentors from the business world both locally and regionally so that they are fully prepared for the world of work when that time arrives.

Our SKILLS FOR LIFE vision is woven through the curriculum in all subjects and we use the following acronym ‘EMPLOY ME’

E – EXCELLENCE Encouraging students to display excellence in all they do
M –MANNERS Good Manners refers to the polite and good social behaviour and play a significant role in building relationships.
P – PERSEVERANCE Teaching our students that perseverance is the ability and drive to start and continue steadfastly on path towards any goal they set
L – LISTENING Enhancing student’s ability to accurately receive and interpret messages
O – ORGANISATION Encouraging independent organisation to promote productivity, create better impressions and being more time efficient
Y – YOU Ensuring our students take responsibility for their own success and their own future
M – MOTIVATION Encouraged focusing on the end goal and learning from everything to create their own success
E – EMPLOYABILITY Teaching self-management, time management, team working, problem solving, literacy, numeracy and effective communication

All our students, regardless of their gender, colour, creed, ability, background or disadvantage, will be given the opportunity to follow a curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant, differentiated and coherent and which enables continuity and progression. Every student will be expected to experience success.

Legislation and Guidance

Greenacre Academy’s policy reflects the requirements for Academies to provide a broad and balanced curriculum as per the Academies Act 2010. It also reflects requirements for inclusion and equality as set out in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 2014 and Equality Act 2010, and refers to curriculum-related expectations of governing boards set out in the Department for Education’s Governance Handbook.

Careers Provision

Curriculum Roles and Responsibilities

Key stage 3, 4, and 5 Curriculum



Complaints Procedure

Any complaints about the Curriculum provided by the School should be addressed in the first instance to the Assistant Head – Curriculum. If the complaints cannot be resolved, the complainant should next approach the Head teacher and then the Governors’ Improvement Committee. There is a further right of appeal to an Appeals Committee of Governors, then to the Ombudsman and, if necessary, to the Secretary of State for Education.