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Year 4 Curriculum

Early Reading and Writing is taught using Read, Write Inc. Phonics.

Read Write Inc. is a method of learning centered around letter sounds and phonics, and we use it to aid children in their reading and writing.

Once children have completed this successfully they move on to ‘The Power of Reading’, a programme designed using high quality books to develop children’s writing skills.

We teach Maths by following the DFE approved framework through the use of “Collins Busy Ant Maths”. This is supported by a number of initiatives including Matheletics.

The rest of the curriculum is designed using Learning Journeys to develop themes of study, linking subject ideas where possible.

Please see below for further details of the curriculum.

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The History of Pantomime

Year 4 and 5 were very lucky to watch a fantastic performance all about the history of Pantomime. The children had a very exciting time and got to learn about all of the traditional pantomime stories and take part in a very fun and interactive play. They learnt when to boo, why the characters enter the stage from certain directions and the spooky story of where ‘It’s behind you!’ came from. It was a very enjoyable afternoon!



On our Roman Day, we dressed up in togas and tunics and learned about the Roman number system.  Armed with this information, we designed clocks using the Roman numbers.


During our Roman day, we learned about Roman army tactics.  Here Sachar class are demonstrating the ‘Tortoise’ defence shape, using their shields to protect the whole group from enemy arrows or spears.


After practising Roman army manoeuvres in the playground, Year 4 decided to return to their classes by marching like a Roman army.


In year 4 we have been learning about healthy eating.  We practised our ‘spreading’ and ‘slicing’ skills by topping crackers with cream cheese / hummus and celery, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.


Year 4 were very careful in the Curriculum Kitchen.  We followed strict hygiene rules and made sure that we concentrated hard when using knives to cut the salad items.


As a part of our DT learning, Year 4 made sandwiches for a member of their family.  We used a variety of ingredients to make them tasty and healthy.