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Teams Classroom


Please click here to sign into your Skills for Life Trust office 365 account, Once signed in you will be able to access Microsoft Teams.


A userguide for Teams can be downloaded by Clicking Here.

Click here to learn how to download Teams.

Click here to learn how to edit a Word document on a tablet or phone.

Click here to learn how to turn in an assignment.

Click here to learn how to resubmit an assignment

Click here to learn how to join a live lesson

Click here to learn how change the background

Below is a video explaining how to add a photo in Teams when submitting work.



Directories have been created for each year group.

In the documents for each week you will find a link for each subject. The links will take you to websites like BBC bitesize, Oak Academy, Youtube, etc and they will correspond with what the children are being taught in school in that week. If a child needs to self-isolate, this document can be used to support their learning at home so that they do not miss out. The idea is that when they return to school they will be at the same point as their peers and ready to continue learning with them.

Any work that is done at home can be uploaded to MS Teams for staff to view.

If you have any problems accessing the information please contact class teachers via Teams or email.


The remote learning using Teams has gone really well and we thank parents for supporting with this. It is really important that we have everyone engaging with this. Our homework will be done using this platform going forward. As you have seen in the news over the Summer, this virus is very unpredictable and we may find ourselves having to go into lockdown at very short notice or having to do a blended approach of some face to face lessons and some remote which would mean that remote learning would be the way of ensuring teaching and learning continues. If you need support with Teams, please contact your child’s class teacher.