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Equality and Diversity

At Chantry Community Academy we celebrate and the diverse community of our school, our local area and Britain. We uphold the Equality Act (2010) by teaching children to respect differences (including, but not limited to those highlighted in the Equality Act 2010 as ‘protected characteristics’) Living in a diverse society such as Britain it is essential that pupils are instilled with these positive and open minded attitudes.

Learning about equality and diversity equips our pupils with knowledge and respect of others and allows them to celebrate their own difference. It is our aim that all children see themselves and their experiences represented at school and that they find positive role models that they feel connected to. Discriminatory language or views is challenged by all staff and the confidence to challenge discrimination is instilled in the pupils at Chantry. We believe the best way to combat all forms of discrimination including racism, ableism, sexism and HBT-phobic language is through discussion, communication and education.

Celebration of diversity is intertwined with the wider curriculum. Being a community of pupils and staff from a range of cultures and backgrounds we understand how a varied representation across the school curriculum is essential to celebrating diversity. We allow children to lead the discussion on their own faith and culture, with support from staff and visitors. All children learn about important Black figures and events in Black History Month in October. In our Religious Education Curriculum a variety of faiths and celebrations are taught and visitors from faith leaders and visits to places of worship are key to our children understanding the diversity of their locality in Gravesend. Our staff recently took part in Diversity Role Model training to enable them to include LGBT+ inclusion within their teaching.

The celebration of diversity in the context of families, relationships and communities is further discussed in PSHE lessons which focus on the right of law in Britain and underpins our school value of respect.

The teaching of Human Rights, Children’s Rights and British Law explains to them how they should be treated and how they should treat others. Learning about minorities struggles throughout history and the stories of activists who have fought for equality empowers them to tackle prejudice. Within Chantry we challenge harmful gender stereotypes as we believe all children have the right to the opportunity to achieve in all areas of the curriculum. The respect that they learn through all of these topics helps to create a healthier, happier, fairer school culture. This upholds our behaviour and anti-bullying policy as well as our school values.

As well as in the curriculum the school takes part in National and International equality events which are taught and celebrated through assemblies and in class activities. These include Equality and Diversity Week, Human Rights Day, Holocaust Memorial Day, International Women’s Day, IDAHOBIT (International day against homophobia biphobia and transphobia) and Anti-bullying.