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Read Write Inc.

At Chantry Community Academy we are committed to helping children develop a love for reading and this all starts with our daily delivery of the Ruth Miskin phonics programme ‘Read Write Inc’. Children begin to experience phonics in Nursery and this provides the foundation for Read Write Inc throughout the school.

The programme uses the character “Fred Frog” to help children blend sounds together to read words. Children are taught according to the stage at which they are reading rather than their age, this means they can enjoy storybooks and non-fiction books which are closely matched to their developing phonic knowledge. Children are taught in small groups and assessed regularly so they can be moved up the phonic groups as rapidly as possible.

Once children reach a good level of phonic development they join Literacy groups where there are plenty of opportunities for writing. Read Write Inc is an engaging stepping stone to Literacy which our children thoroughly enjoy.

Please follow the link below to access a video clip which explains more about the programme: